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Azompa, Oaxaca City in the background.
Azompa, Oaxaca City in the background.

From the remote jungles of Honduras to the pristine rivers of the American Southwest, our archaeological tours promise exciting adventure. Whether you like touring Maya temples or learning about North American rock art, you’ll be sure to find a Conservancy tour that fits your interest. For more than 20 years, the Conservancy has conducted tours ranging in length from four days to two weeks. Expert guides always accompany our tours, providing unique insights about the places we visit. Tour regions include the American Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest, as well as Mexico and Central & South America; and now Canada too.

Below are our exciting upcoming tours . Click on the ‘Info’ button for a full description of each tour.

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The Archaeology of Canada: Ontario & Quebec, August 19-27, 2017 InfoFULL

Ancient Cliff Dwellers of The Southwest, September 16-26, 2017 Info

They rank among the most amazing archaeological sites anywhere: walls and windows, towers and kivas, all tucked neatly into sandstone cliffs.  More than 700 years ago, the Anasazi and Sinagua cultures of the Four Corners region called these cliff dwellings home.  Warm and dry during the winter, the secluded pueblos may also have protected villagers from attacking enemies. Read the travel blog from our 2015 Tour:Traveling the Southwest of the Ancient Cliff Dwellers’

Chaco Canyon in Depth, September 9-17, 2017 Info

Explore the vast cultural system of Chaco Canyon and the extensive network of outlying communities that developed in northwestern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado from A.D. 800 to 1140. We’ll also have the unique opportunity to visit many of the most important outlying communities that are integral parts of the entire Chacoan complex still being uncovered by researchers.  To complete the experience, we will tour the modern day Pueblo of Acoma and spend two memorable nights camping in Chaco Canyon.  Read the travel blog:Touring Chaco Canyon in Depth 2015

Oaxaca, October 27- November 6, 2017 InfoFULL

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Explore Our Past Tours

We offer our tours on a rotating basis and offer select tours on alternating years. Get an idea of what might be coming up on our tour schedule.

Colonial Chesapeake, 2015 Info

Join us as we spend a week exploring the Chesapeake Bay’s rich 17th and 18thcentury culture. Our exciting journey will take us from the colonial capitals of Annapolis, Maryland and Williamsburg, VA, to the first permanent English colony in North America at Jamestown, to George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon.  Explore more about Adventures in Eastern Archaeology and History

Ohio Moundbuilders, 2015 Info

Hundreds of years ago in what is now part of southern Ohio, a complex culture of moundbuilders flourished.  Extensive earthworks, some towering more than 50 feet high, are the legacy of the Hopewell and Adena people. The Conservancy’s tour offers an opportunity to discover more about the Hopewell and Adena cultures with visits to some of their most awe-inspiring mounds and earthworks. Read the travel blog: Moundbuilders’ Of Ohio

Chaco Canyon in Depth, 2015 Info

Read the travel blog:Touring Chaco Canyon in Depth 2015

Cliff Dwellers, 2015 Info

Read the 2015 travel blog:Traveling the Southwest of the Ancient Cliff Dwellers’

Oaxaca, 2015 Info

Read the travel blog:The Lure of Oaxaca: Conservancy tours for the Day of the Dead

Maya of  Yucatán and Calakmul, 2016 Info

Join us to explore a brilliant culture that flourished in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico – the Classic Maya, of A.D. 300 until A.D. 900. Accompanying us on our tour of some of their most splendid sites will be Cornell University’s Dr. John Henderson, one of the nation’s leading scholars of the Maya. Read Dr. Henderson’s travel blog: Traveling Professor Henderson’s World of the Ancient Maya

Maya World of Copán & Guatemala Highlands, Spring 2016 Info

Join us to explore rain forests, snow-capped volcanoes, and magnificent lakes: the landscape of the ancient Maya in the highlands of Guatemala. On our tour you’ll experience a complete spectrum of history – from ancient Maya ruins to modern-day Maya cities. Our travels will take us from beautiful Lake Atitlán to the Honduran rainforest where we will visit Copán, considered the crown jewel of the southern Maya cities.  Traveling with Dr. Henderson Traveling Professor Henderson’s World of the Ancient Maya

Splendors of Peru, Summer 2016 Info

From the golden tombs of the Moche on Peru’s coastal plain, to the splendor of Cuzco and the magic of Machu Picchu high in the Andes, our tour promises to be an  unforgettable adventure. Accompanied by John Henderson, an expert in the region’s archaeology, we’ll learn about the vast empires that once reigned in the land. We’ll explore the pyramids at Sipán and Túcume. At Chan Chan, we’ll tour the remains of one of the largest pre-Colombian cities in the New World. In the Inca capital of Cuzco we will explore sites such as Coricancha, an Inca temple where the walls were once covered in gold.

Yampa River Tour, Summer 2016 Info

Join us for a downriver adventure in Colorado and Utah, where you’ll float through Dinosaur National Monument and experience incredible scenery first described by explorer John Wesley Powell.  On our 70-mile journey down the Yampa and Green Rivers you’ll visit remote archaeological sites, including Fremont culture rock art panels and prehistoric rock shelters.  David Grant Noble, SW expert and notable author of Ancient Ruins of the Southwest, will accompany the tour.

Highlights of the Northern Plains Tour, Summer 2016 Info

Beginning and ending in Bismarck, North Dakota, this new tour will explore some of the unique and fascinating historic places of the Northern Plains. We’ll visit Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, which preserves the remains of five historic period Mandan/Hidatsa villages, including the “hometown” of Sacagawea, the guide for Lewis and Clark. We’ll also visit a number of prehistoric Native American sites including Double Ditch and Huff Indian Village State Historic sites, well preserved Plains Village Tradition villages, and the Knife River Chert Quarries, one of the largest prehistoric quarry sites in North America.

French and Indian War, September 10-17, 2016 Info

Join us as we travel across New York and Pennsylvania to explore the rich history and archaeology of the French and Indian War. This epic struggle involving Native Americans, the English and French Empires, and Colonial forces, was one of the first global conflicts and a defining moment in American history. On our journey we will meet with historians, archaeologists and native people at a variety of archaeological sites, museums, and interpretive centers.

Best of the Southwest, September 10 – 20, 2016 Info

Experience the cultural and scenic diversity of the American Southwest.  Our trip explores Native American cultures, both past and present, in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.  Expert archaeologists accompany our daily visits to some of the region’s most famous archaeological sites.

Peoples of The Mississippi Valley, October 15-22, 2016 Info

Beginning in Memphis and following the Mississippi River south to Natchez, our journey travels through more than five thousand years of history – from ancient earthen mounds to Civil War battlefields. As early as 3500 B.C. and for the next five thousand years, rich and complex moundbuilder cultures developed along the fertile Mississippi River Valley.  But in the 1500s Spanish invasions led to a drastic decline in the native population. Amidst the charm of the Old South and the magic of one of the world’s greatest rivers, our trip explores the region’s fascinating cultures.

Oaxaca, 2016 Info

Watch the Travel Videos of this Fantastic tour- Coming Soon!

The Maya Empire: Belize to Tikal, January 9 – 19, 2017 Info

Explore the southern reaches of the Maya Empire – from the ancient cities found along the coast of Belize to Tikal, located deep within the Guatemalan rain forest. John Henderson, professor of anthropology at Cornell University and noted author of The World of the Ancient Maya, will accompany the tour.

The Hidden Maya of Chiapas & Tabasco, February 15 – 25, 2017 Info

This tour takes us to some of the more out-of-the-way, but spectacular, Maya ruins in southern Mexico that flourished between A.D. 300 and 900.   We begin in the tropical lowlands and end in the fabulous highlands of Chiapas among the modern Maya people.  We’ll see tremendous pyramids, unbelievable sculptures and murals, and modern arts and crafts.  Our guide will be noted Maya scholar, Dr. John Henderson of Cornell University. Read about two of the amazing ruins visited on this trip: Winter Archaeological Adventures to the Maya World

Aztecs, Toltecs & Teotihuacános, March 25 – April 3, 2017 Info

Between 200 B.C. and A.D. 1519, the Aztec, Toltec, and Teotihuacán cultures pushed the development of North American civilization to its zenith, before being destroyed by the Spanish invasion.  On this tour, we’ll see the ancient cities and climb pyramids that rival those of Egypt. Accompanying us will be Dr. John Henderson a professor of archaeology at Cornell University and one of the leading experts on the cultures of Mesoamerica.

San Juan River Trip, June 3-10, 2017 Info

Join one of our most popular adventures into the heartland of the Anasazi world. From land and from the vantage point of Utah’s San Juan River, you’ll experience one of the most scenic regions of the Southwest. We’ll begin our adventure with two full days of site visits on land, then we’ll board our boats and float down the San Juan River for four days, stopping often to visit Anasazi ruins accessible only by river. David Grant Noble, noted author (his books include Ancient Ruins of the Southwest), will be our guide. Read the travel blog:San Juan River Trip 2015

The Empire of Cahokia & the Ancient Mississippian World, June 8-12, 2017 Info

Explore the Empire of Cahokia.  Intriguing earthworks still remain constructed by the Native peoples in the Heart of America during the Middle Mississippian culture that flourished from A.D. 900 to 1500. You’ll visit such sites as Cahokia, the center of one of the earliest and most sophisticated prehistoric civilizations north of Mexico. Cahokia at it’s height was more metropolitan than London of the same period. First attributed to more ancient and Old World cultures, the great earthen mounds once bordered nearly every major waterway of the Midwest. Many still standing are among the largest prehistoric earthworks remaining in America.Various Well Respected Experts and Archaeologists in the region’s archaeology will accompany us on this fascinating journey.

To join us, contact us at tours.tac@gmail.com or by phone at (505) 266-1540. We are happy to help you find the right trip for you!